What is the VistaCube?

VistaCube is a SDK to control RAONTECH micro display and it includes API/DemoCode/Utilities in source level. If using RAONTECH EV board to evaluate it, we recommend to use VistaStudio which is a GUI based Tool.

Where can I find porting guide manuals?

You can learn more about how to port VistaCube in our website blog.

Downloaded file is compressed. And I don’t know a password

Our tool is protected by a password. Only identified customers are allowed to use it.

I think password is correct, but decompressing fails consistently

Try it out with other upzip tools such as 7zip.

Which files should be downloaded for display?

below files are mandatory list.

  • Firmware image (.hex): Embedded SW in RDC. It configures the RDC/RDP with init LUT for RDC/RDP.
  • RDC Controller(Driver IC) init LUT (.rega) :  Initial file for pure register values in RDC
  • Gamma LUT (.lut) :  Gamma calibration values for target panel display.
  • RDP Panel int LUT (.rega) : Initial file for pure register values in RDP.
  • Bootlogo (.bmp) : Default image displayed when no video input signal and the image format has to be 160×96 24bit bitmap.
  • Firmware configuration (.cfg) : File used to configure RDC input/output port parameters and some of config flags.
  • FileList (.txt) : Kind of metadata for file download.  (It is created automatically by VistaStudio, but you has to edit manually if using VistaCube.)

below files enable additional features < Contact us for more details >

  • [Optional] CoKOA (.lut) : Correction of Keystone and Optical Aberrations files.
  • [Optional] OSD (.lut) : On Screen Display Images files.
  • [Optional] Panel HC (.lut): Panel Horizontal correction files.
  • [Optional] Panel VC (.lut): Panel vertical correction files.